What is Writrz Block?

The Writrz Block is a music app that allows artists from all genres of music to challenge each other to a song duel. The objective of the challenge is to see if the artist can write and record a song from our pre-selected tracks within 24 hours, then upload it to the platform before the time expires. If the Artist is unable to fulfill the requirements, they will have forfeited the challenge and marked as an artist who caught “Writrz Block”! If both Artists’ songs are successfully uploaded to the app within the time period, the song will be available for purchase and other listeners can vote on their favorite version of the song.

How does the Writrz Block app work?

The first step is downloading the Writrz Block app and following the steps to create your profile. Each user must accept and sign the Terms & Conditions. You can search through the other Artist profiles on the app for potential challengers.

How do I challenge an opponent?

Once you’ve found a challenger, press the “Challenge Me” button, then choose a producer and track you’d like to use for your challenge. Next, you’ll select a price from the category list and send to the challenger, who will then receive an alert to confirm the challenge. If a challenge is confirmed, the track with become available for both challengers to upload (if the challenge is denied, you’ll receive a notification). Once a challenge is confirmed, you’ll each have 24 hours to write, record and upload your version of the selected track. After both songs are successfully uploaded, they will be made available for users to purchase, listen and choose which version they liked better.

What happens if I don’t complete my song in time?

If you’re unable to complete your track, then you caught Writrz Block! If a challenger catches Writrz Block, only the other challenger’s completed song will be made available for purchase.

Can I earn money for my song?

Yes! You determine the price for the song when you choose a challenger. Once you’ve uploaded your completed track, other Writrz Block app users will be able to listen and purchase your (or your opponent’s) song based on the price you’ve set, then vote for the version they like more. Challengers and Producers will each receive 50% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of their song.